I can literally remember back in January 2015 when android studio was a fat piece of slow SHIT and to boot up an emulator it took me 5-20 minutes. Gradle build took 1-2 minutes. I was dying.

Now 4 years later in 2019, it still might be fat but godfckindamn it is fast. Emulator boots up in 2-4 seconds. Gradle finishes in no more than 6 seconds. Hierarchy opens up in less than a second. Performance statistics and analytics no longer lag or have latency.

Google has finally done a great fckin job fck u thnx

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    Yeah, I think I started using it on 2015 too, it was still a beta. It was so slow and full of bugs that I had to go back to Eclipse 🙈
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    @cafecortado which was ironic because it was based on Eclipse (you could add the repo and install the addons on any stock eclipse until they discontinued supporting it) but it was worse than the stock unoptimized-for, untweaked, rregular Eclipse.
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    Thank Intel HAXM for that emulator power
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    The actual ide improvements are from JetBrains, since they own Intellij and Gradle was improved by guys at Gradle so Google didn't really contribute much here.
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    Same hardware?
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