my 8 month old on her stroller at the grocery:
*cries in screaming*
*is scared of unrecognized faces*
every single old person we pass by:
let's grinstare this thing right on its fucking face.
baby: *cries harder*
old fuck: uh oh, time to go

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    I want to mention some seniors of this site but I don't want to get spanked. :)
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    @rutee07 I do, who should I tag?
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    @rutee07 gonna spank you anyway
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    @hell You're not that old. I still want your tall, hot, Brazilian booty.
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    @rutee07 "that old" oh thank you
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    @hell that reminds me of the time I wanted to compliment my milfy not blood related aunt that she looked pretty at a party. She responded "well, I have my years now".

    And then I said something translatable to "I mean yeah, considering that ofc". I think it was even worse. Real smooth.

    I could literally hear my soul cracking.
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