Broke my glasses in half.
Not being able to see shit i took my 3D glasses apart and ziplocked my glasses lenses on the 3d glasses frame. Been using this version of my glasses for a good one and a half year. Yeap

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    photooooo! :D
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    Photo or it didn't happen... :P
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    How'd you use a plastic bag to do this? What the hell kind of voodoo are you working over there??
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    For a moment there i was really skeptical in a "what is so wow about what i did" way.
    It didnt come to me that ziplocks are the ones on the little plastic bag. What Im talking about is zipties.

    Really sorry if this turned into a clickbait.
    Unless this gets me a sticker. Then sorry but definitely not sorry.
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    @jakallergis a sticker it is buddy!
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    Well thanks mate :)
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    @jakallergis Still a photo of that mythical device would be really funny! ^^

    (Although ziplock glasses would be interesring to see)
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    For now here's my shameless hack:


    Maybe in the future I will upgrade it to the real ziplock version and post some photos here. :P
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    My dad did this but permanently affixed the lenses to it with epoxy. He wore them constantly for a year.... So damn embarrassing haha
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    How is it on the nose?
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    @jakallergis I kind of hoped you've left some length on the zips. Like antenas! ^^
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    @KeyWeeUsr yeah when i first did it i was foolling around with them as antenas. Indeed it was rediculous :D
    But dont worry. I still provide some good laughs to people around me :) Especially when i go to the cinema Im messing with the strangers that might be sitting next to me like by telling them I have an issue with my eyes which renders me incapable of perceving the 3D state of most things so I have to where my 3D glasses everywhere. Best response ever was "does that mean Im not fat in your eyes?" huehuehuehue
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    There is nothing more permanent then temporary solution.
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