> I noticed you have domains that are not used anywhere, do we need to move them? e.g. domain X?
>> no, they aren't used
*migrate servers and working domains*
>> why did domain X stop working?
> que?

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    Mexican pikachus are a raaare find man
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    I'm a walking shook Pikachu meme tbh
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    “¿Qué?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂LMFAO Grettings from Mexico 😉🇲🇽
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    Well, I’d answer:

    Me: “¿Bueno?”
    You: Why did domain X stop working?
    Me: “Oh, give me a sec”
    * I transfer the call with technical support
    * I continue with my code 😊
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    @AleCx04 The rarest indeed! We're talking, once in a lifetime. Thank you, Jo-Jo

    @ElizadeathRaven "Are you sure you're from Mexico? I don't see a mustache or a sombrero..."
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    @Jilano hahahahaha well, I’m from Juarez (a border city on the north) so.... I don’t feel enough “mexican” (many people don’t know this, but it’s different south and north mexican culture, it’s not like in the movies that show the same stuff for the entire country) and, at the same time, I’m not american, so let’s say I’m just a border vampire 🦇
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    @ElizadeathRaven I can imagine, no worries! Each and every country has different parts that are quite different when you live in it, but don't seem that way to the "untrained eye" ;)

    "Border vampire" sounds cooler than Mexican/Americans!
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