The more frustrated I get with a project the less my commit messages are expressive about the code changes and the more the end up reflecting my disposition. I'm sorry to all future employees who may want to know what I did but hopefully you get a laugh.

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    Same here 😅
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    @irene yup. We have this thing called Karma.
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    They started! 😭 Taking the high road is easier said than done sometimes... and there's nothing like a little bit of passive agressiveness to let off some steam. It's either that or letting the frustration build up until you snap and go all Falling Down (movie) on everyone 😁
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    @irene Really? In that other thread you complained about the missing beefy jokes thrown around, but your commit messages you prefer clean as a whistle? - maybe it's even right, but if fixing a bug felt like wading 30km through swampy shell code, shady, old dirty zombielands, at least I want to give a snarky, ironic commit message - even if that's 'unprofessional' (like also collecting some of the best messages..)
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    @irene I do, but sometimes it makes me sad (have to hide too blatant sarcasm)... Oh, I just got reminded of coworker's msg like: "changes" or "it works"... Argh... *Gewaltphantasien*
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