For me, PHPStorm's mini-map is ugly. Nothing compared to VS Code and Sublime Text.

I will uninstall it now.

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    😐VIM & EMAC
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    Yes, the mini-map is very useful during development - I don’t even look at the rest of the editor, only use the mini-map to code

    Who cares about intelisense, code refactor, useful warnings and error messages, we want the mini-map
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    @rusty-hacker yes the minimap is useful but PHPStorm's minimap is ugly. It is usable but the way it is designed is not that good compared to VS Code and Sublime Text.

    I attached the comparison Image. PHPStorm's mnimap is on the left side. Other one is VS Code.
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    Same code was used @rusty-hacker for the above minimap comparison
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