Not much riskiest though,
So on my office laptop I've duel boot Fedora as primary OS and windows another.

So for some reasons I needed extra space on windows so I had to un-allocate some space from /home as it had assigned too much disk(more than 100GB I think)

So I unmounted /home moved all the /home/myuser to /opt using sudo then did sudo rm -rf to /home/myuser and un-allocated some space

after I restarted laptop I get to know that I fucked up little xD
Took me while to fix that shit, I literally created one more user and fixed it as at the time of booting it was trying to get few configs from /home/myuser and even had permission issues.

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    This is how I imagine a Windows & Linux 'Duel' boot. Keeping on topic however - I've had hard time in the past keeping Windows 7 from erradicating a Windows Vista dual boot from the computer.
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