Decided to continue my studies because I really wanted to go into Artificial Intelligence. Even though I've learnt some here and there in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and its various modules of supervised and unsupervised learning but I felt like that I'm not getting anywhere and need some proper guidance. Decided I could take a Masters in this specific field with a lecturer's guidance.

Enter my boss, I've asked for consent if its OK for me to continue my studies. He goes on and on that employees are valuable and that we're at the start of a big project currently (even though I've asked that I'm thinking of taking the next intake in September 2019) and couldn't afford to lose my time to studying A.I. Not only that, he insulted that A.I. is useless in a Fintech company. And instead he wants me to learn about blockchain tech.

Who is the choosing beggar here?

I mean OK, I get it. I've seen mature students who took on part-time studies to get diplomas and degrees and I understand the huge stress in assignments and research. I'm well aware of that and I've done self-paced studies for a long time now. I believe I can handle the pressure and time management in juggling between work, study and life through past experience and observation. How is this any different aside from doing towards a degree?

He even felt threaten that I might leave and get a better and different job after I graduate. Does he think I'm stupid to tell him about my intention if I knew that I'll be getting a better paying with more perks job than what I already have with him? I didn't want to leave my good job as there's loads of things I want to do for the company. But since his attitude towards my education pursuit shows, I think I just might. I don't know. I like the company I'm working for. Just not for him.

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    Typical fintech attitude.
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    If he's afraid to let you pursue a better career because you might leave, then perhaps you really should leave. Holding you hostage won't make you a better employee or a better person in any way, it will only help him enslave you.
    If you like your company, you could try reporting him to a superior and point out that:
    1) your boss is an idiot who's trying to stop you from improving your skillset;
    2) he has no clue about how much ML and AI are being researched in modern fintech companies;
    3) if your company actually supported you in this, your new knowledge will be an added value both to you and your company, and it would provide an incentive to stay, and not leave.

    Maybe you could get transfered to another position/group with a different boss? (Assuming he doesn't get fired first)
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    @endor my boss is the Managing Director and CEO. Whatever he did to get his business alive for over 20 years, it's working for him. Although employee turnover rate may be an indicator for job insecurity but I've been with them for 3 years though.

    But yeah, maybe. Or I could just enroll anyways and silently graduate then look for a new fintech company who might appreciate my struggles more or something.
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