Fuck, I did not know it was possible to wait this long for something to boot up. Too scared to even install Visual Studio.

Downgrading from my own i7 pc with 16GB ram and an ssd to a company i3 budget laptop with 4GB ram and 5400rpm HDD.

Could never understand all this bitching about Windows 10 and how it is shit slow, but I have come to realize what everybody has been complaining about.

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    Good god, noooo! i3... What do they think you are, a secretary?!
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    LOL, I'm one of the lucky ones. At least I have a "new" laptop. The other guy works on a '09 laptop.
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    @DLMousey Can you elaborate? It's possible Windows 10 has higher minimum requirements than an old laptop has
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    Are you joking? It's slow because of the spec of the PC. Not because it's Windows 10.
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    @drRoss I agree that the laptop is low end, but it has double the resources (ram and cpu) that the minimum eequires. My issue being that W10 is shit slow unless you have a steroids fuelled pc.
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