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    One question, why people prefer Python over Java? For me they do basically same thing, I choose Python just for reason Python is installed in Linux but don't really see any advantage using Python over Java
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    Hahahaha, I am in 2nd semester now & studying OOP in Java
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    Tell me who wins now. Please get my point. If you are trying you to learn machine learning, python would be better choice. But that doesn't makes python 'best programming language ev4r!'. Welcome to devRant :)
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    @amatrelan it's a language which produces very easy, understandable and readable code, without useless protocol-ish stuff (like the obnoxious shit Java has, eg. The file should have the same name as the class), but require stuff that maximize the development productivity (like Indentation instead of {}, or no "new" operator, lists instead of arrays, etc.)

    However a seasoned programmer might find languages like C#, Typescript, Scala, Swift or wtv are their go-to languages because they find meaning in some things that Python omits, so Python just kinda becomes a toy after they learn how to actually take advantage of real OOP or functional programming.

    And experienced programmers just are tired of this shit and just code in the language they have used the most in their career (the one used by their employers). Most times such a language is Java, C++, C or even JS.
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    @aggelalex yes, exactly. Even I think language is just a tool, may be you write 10 lines of code in one, and in other it may be 50 lines. It's totally depends on what tech will be feasible for business needs.
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    Both used often for same thing and often not. With Java you can branch off to apex (salesforce development. Starting salary 130k) or Android development. Can work on anything that runs java. Pythons big in machine learning community and has couple frameworks for web applications. Syntax fucking sucks dick in my opinion so I won’t be using until forced too but lil “yay” for anyone that can make proper order of it after “x” amount of application growth. Same with fucking ruby. All these “ends” everywhere. Just put a damn bracket your not impressing anyone ruby
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