We can do this easily in python...

No, still do it in Java ...

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    Use a technology because it's the best for what you have to do, not because you already know it
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    @Jakuho it's because many other people don't know python
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    Well, I think it's best to use the thing you know really good. Use new tech on personal projects, not in a work environment. That said, I cant imagine a thing where either Python or Java would be considered a good choice :-P
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    I read a comment today on devRant where a guy basically wrote a mini-essay on when you should use C, when you should use Python, and when you should use Java.
    It was free of bias.
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    this hurts my heart
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    @ParkCity your feelings are as same as mine
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    For the R&D project back at uni we had to create a GUI for a robot. At the time we didn't know too much about c++ and had been learning java for the first couple years, and so that's what we chose.

    It didn't give us too much of a headache being java and all, and we managed to finish our project on time given the issues we ran into.

    I think in some cases going with what you know does help and if you don't have major time constraints going with something new is also good (in our case it was a matter of getting our degrees, lol so we went with the safer option).
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    @WerewolfCustoms Then you lack imagination and knowledge my friend
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    @aaxa That's completely true. :) Eh, I'm just getting old, I guess.
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