Lead: "We write SOLID code"
Me: *opens a controller file*
Controller: "I'm 8000 lines long and hell yeah I'll access the database and file system directly!"

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    Ayy lmao, I just started to learn SOLID in college. ;)
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    @veslav Learn it well, it's very valuable! 😊
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    Sometimes my poos are solid too 😉
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    We "inherited" an old project which has one controller with 5000 lines of code and one particular line near the end (PHP):

    And yes... params is set to many values throughout the project.
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    I work on a legacy project that loads entire 2000+ PHP classes directly into the user session and then passes it around globally to every other controller in the application. It is not uncommon for the user session object to bounce off the 1024KB size limit and get truncated.
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