Alright, epic throwback to high school
-So I'm taking this CS course on java
-Teacher seems legit
-Knows his shit
-Gets the job done
-Introduces the class to an IDE
-Such wow
-I whip out my Eclipse Oxygen (with Hello World preloaded, obviously) like the nerd I am
-Literally the worst editor ever
-And teacher somehow expects us to work in it with git


For those of you who have never worked with BlueJ, thank God you haven't.

/end rant

What new languages should I learn? I'm working on C++, but PHP seems fun...

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    You think you're hot shit but you can't use git... okay kiddo. I'm about 50/50 in PHP and Node/React right now... we don't want people who can't use git. Even when I was working in Perl and VBScript we didn't want people who couldn't use git.
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    I only use built-in git tools to add files cuz I'm lazy adding couple of files for each commit message, just let IDE do its stuff and I'll happily run: git push in terminal :3

    C++ and PHP are two different things, if you're going down the PHP road, learn front end

    Else dive more into Java, Kotlin, Swift, C#, Python
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    @ everyone who responded

    Er... I thought it was clear that this was a super sarcastic rant.

    But, that aside, no, I don't think I'm "hot shit". If anything, I'm still garbage shit (if that answers any questions). G'day, devRant.
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    @norman70688 Ah... I'm new here (that's the only thing that's clear, eh?) and I haven't used/posted any sort of forum 'cept for SO every once and awhile. My apologies for the confusion.
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    @norman70688 Wasn't planning on it!
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    The teacher is probably using bluej coz the college told him/her to. Or the computer is shit and cannot handle eclipse.

    The point is not to give a fuck about such shit because *you are the fucks you give*
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    I used bluej for like a single semester and I don't get the hate it gets. It's pretty pedagogical giving you nice graphics representing class relationshis and such
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    BlueJ is fucking neat for beginner. And an IDE doesn't make you a programmer so shut up and learn
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    @AI-Overlord BlueJ is a steaming pile of shit that literally doesn't even enforce a main method to run the program.

    The syntax highlighting? Garbage.
    Indenting? You wish.
    Random crashes? Constantly.

    It is the worst IDE I have ever used, I would rather use Notepad than that.
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    @PrivateGER Because BlueJ doesn't intent to be a professional IDE but an educational tool to teach students about OOP.
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    @AI-Overlord It doesn't properly teach OOP.
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