Before you rant, make sure it's not a repost.
Q: How do you know if it's a repost?
A: If it's a meme on the internet, so very probably that it's already posted here.. so don't

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    True, however, I still enjoy the fact that I no longer see semicolon jokes! Let's hope this continues to other memes
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    @gitpush now it is the time of C hashtag..
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    @lazyDev Gets on my nerves but still better than that see sharp joke for java devs T_T

    I do like people participating here, algo does a good job filtering, but ffs, many of these jokes are either ancient or make no sense these days...
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    This post itself is a repost, posted it like a year ago
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    It's not even a rant to begin with.
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    And here I though people rant to get some pressure off their chest. But I guess shutting up because some people cant scroll lower is fair solution
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    @Hazarth however, reposting shit from the internet isn't ranting, it's demonstrating stupidity.
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    And then there's the idiots who tag their shit with # instead of ,
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