Clients that call to ask you for the URL to the test environment seem to never have heard of these things called “email” and “text”.

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    You sound like a millennial who never wants to be called. But I get that it ruined your flow. Might want to add a voice option: "if you are calling for url test environment, please press 1". Could be great to have! No... Ok, no.
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    @marcoandre1 I'm in my mid-40s over here, so ... no. But it makes no sense, especially when this customer knows how badly he screws up things I read to him over the phone and which he then painfully tries to type in, screwing up over and over. He knows this is a problem of his. So why does he call me? And I sent it to him in an email a few days prior. He doesn't know how to use mail search? Or just browse down to that email and open it? He's gotta call me for every single thing that pops into his head? He doesn't pay me enough for that level of service.

    No matter what age a developer is, sometimes clients are just dumb.
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    It reminds me of that client who said I didn't send him the email... Of course I did. A week ago. Of course he wasn't able to get it, because it was lost with all the emails of the previous week... So you send it again. Oh look at that! Magic! The email is there!
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    Imagine having to send him an url that is long and complicated, sure he'll make a few typos here and there :/

    'Ok so the password is a generated string of 80 random characters, it starts with a dollar sign, then a capital B...'
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