Anyone actually granting websites access to desktop notifications upon their request?

Wonder how many actually does, since every website seems to continue and never stops requesting

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    I grant access to mail.tutanota.com since that's my main email provider but that's it :)
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    Ive got it for two sites on one of my PCs enabled. Although I dont get asked for it at all. So I think I denied once or twice
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    Yes, once. For my own admin panel. It notifies me when an exception has happened.
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    Two sites.
    Tutanota and the crypto group I'm a part of.
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    My crypto exchange, but that’s the only one.
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    None, systematically cringe and refuse everytime I see this.
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    I finally got annoyed enough to tweak chrome settings to automatically block them.
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    I get it for sites where you maybe have an account, but every random website out there thinks we're buddies now.
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