Crying right now. Tldr, feature demanded, never used. 8 months ago, bosses demand two features. Disable sync of products they choose and set a reserve quantity on products they choose. Code is done and in production, but the only time that choice has ever run is in testing. With over 10,000 products, not one has ever had sync disabled, or a reserve quantity !=0. I need a new job.

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    Tldr: it's sad, but it's quite common for this to happen in our line of work. Changing jobs probably won't help.

    When you realize you've poured a lot of time and effort into crafting a piece of software that ends up never seeing the light of day. Moment of silence for all of that lost art!

    I've had whole, perfectly fine systems scrapped one year into development bec the customer suddenly went a different direction.

    I guess, in the end, you get paid, you keep the XP, you move on to new and exciting projects and it's their loss for never getting to use what you built for them. ;)
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    True, but I could get paid more than $15/hr.
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