So there I was productivity coding away in my office since early in the morning it was about noon when my coworkers kept saying. " Hey have you seen how nice it is outside." "Wow it's really nice out there" and " hey you should really go outside and get some fresh air".

So I'm all ok, cool it's lunchtime I'll check it out. So I go outside and I'm out there for 30 seconds when a bee lands on my face and stings me just under my eye.

Ouch! WTF! No No No it is not nice outside at all. Infact it is painful outside.

so now the rest of my day is ruined all I can feel is my face throbbing and I can't think about anything anymore but my face in pain. Amazing how one little insect can ruin days of coding.

Don't listen to the muggles stay inside.

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    I feel you. For a few years now I have an issue with woman's deodorant in the summer (flowery scents). Wasps and bees love me and I was stung twice in the breast as a result of this :(
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    Bugs are everywhere. Fix them.
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    Were you coding a honeypot?
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    I don't understand the hate against bees. Their pretty calm normally and produce honey as well as pollinate flowers, trees and other stuff. Wasps are way more aggressive and only produce paper. 🐝
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