Anyone here banks with ING? I got fed up with their main color, rgb(255, 102, 0), and wrote an add-on for Firefox to change it to black. Their website looks much more professional in black, not to mention easier on the eyes

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    Add this rant link to your feedback form

    Who knows there maybe an ING developer who understands other devs' pain
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    Fortunately not, Ive discovered two bugs in their mobile app when scanning QR codes which cause me a lot of pain since every payment method works except ING scanning iDEAL qr codes.

    Basically payments succeeds, then they send back that it failed and ten minutes later they say it succeeded. Which is not a big deal when selling of the shelve products but is an issue when its ticketing software where a cancelled payment means the ticket is available for ordering again.
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    @Codex404 One thing I've learned about them is, they reply fast to your comments.
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