Late night thought :

Google is a search engine company having with an operating system(Android) as a side product.

Microsoft is an operating system company having a search engine (bing) as a side product.

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    Google is an advertising company that hides behind Alphabet name.
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    Microsoft is corporate leasing company that also makes software.
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    Microsoft started by building developer tools, specifically basic interpreters.

    They jumped on the os train when IBM needed an os for their personal computer (PC).

    Google started as a search engine and jumped on advertising to monetize their users instead of being bought by someone that would have done the same.

    Both diversified into many other areas over time.
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    Don’t forget Microsoft is a company which has between their main products visual studio and visual studio code. There is no need to say more.
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    Amazon is a courier company and having cloud infra as side product.
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    @MightyCutie They started by selling books.
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