Yaaay no internet, at least I have a large drive of material to use offline. It's ebooks and M4As only for me I suppose.

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    more details please. Like why and why are you on devRant? And you seem relieved that you're disconnected. 🤔
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    @heyheni well, it's down because for whatever reason it can't connect to their WAN link. I'm on devRant because it seemed appropriate for this situation (mobile data) and I'm relieved because I don't usually have much time to read but with this, I can't do anything but read and learn.
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    are you otherwise satisfied with your connection? and whats's the plan for 5G mobile internet in the uk? Do you think it'll launch this year? And would you switch to 5G as your main internet connection?
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    Have you switched it off and on again?

    Did you try making a cup of tea then sitting down to look at it and swearing?

    Have you complained about how they couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery?

    Then as a fellow Brit there's nothing more I can think of
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    @heyheni yeah, it's pretty good. Our city is supposed to get 5G coverage sometime next year so maybe assuming that the latency stays comparable.
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    @seraphimsystems you made one critical mistake in that comment. I'm not British. 😉

    As for turning it off and on again, the router itself wasn't malfunctioning. The link on the other hand...
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    @BadFox and yet you put virgin media in the tags... So ... Irish?
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    @seraphimsystems I'll give you a hint, not from the islands.
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