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Here in Italy we run a few exam simulation in order to prepare for finals in June.
One of the two categories of simulations, one of which revolves around the core subjects of our technical course which in my case is CompSci and Networking.

"Sounds good!" one would say.
And I'd agree, if only our CompSci professor graded solutions in a sensate manner.
If one does not exactly copy and paste the solutions we repated in class 100 times (which, by the way, are all EXACTLY the same solution but with different data in diagrams and other sections), the grade WILL be insufficient: no but's or why's.

This is only one of the prime examples of what school revolves around. Sometimes it just feels like we are trained to be sheeps in a world of wolves. Rinse and repeat over and over. No technical competency is (almost) ever valued or allowed to be expressed and is often looked down upon by old school professors who literally care about everything but their subject, students and school in general.

I'm glad this is almost over, and that greener pastures are ahead :)

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    I get your feeling, though I have to say it really depends on the school and the professors you get. Some people are genuinely trying to teach something and make a difference (though your CompSci professor does definitely not belong in this category).

    As for the greener pastures ahead: boy oh boy you're in for a ride! Any decent university will be 1000x more intense, both in the good and in the bad. It's up to us to make the best out of it.

    (Also: Compsci and Networking in high school? Wtf? Where? How?)
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    @endor Here in Italy we start to specialize from highschool :) You can choose any school that matches your vocation. We have anything ranging from math and physics to mechanical engineering. One of the few good aspects of public education here!
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    @TheItalianGuy I know ;) I just didn't know compsci existed as an option
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    Greener pastures...
    Thanks, you just made my day.
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    @Pickman I hope it's not sarcasm :) I really mean it
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    @TheItalianGuy I feel your pain. I still have nightmares about liceo history tests, with all those dates and territorial acquisitions to memorise (how do you even spell Schleswig-Holstein?!).

    Keep fighting! When the finals actually came, the external examiner was much more interested in individual opinions and reasoning, which turned the tables. I averaged 7/10 and got 15/15, while a straight-ten friend of mine barely passed.

    Memorising things might reward you in the short term, but in my personal experience "knots reach the comb" eventually 😉
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    @TheItalianGuy let's just say that the only thing that changes is the topic. So try to pick one you really like.
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    @Pickman Thanks for the tip! You can surely understand better why I am happy for the future by looking at my previous rants :)
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