First internship (ranted about it before).

- Had to google translate their entire internal crm.
- pointed out major security flaws and got a speech saying that "I shouldn't think so high of myself and I didn't have the fucking right to criticize their products"
- every time the boss came to the office after a failed sales presentation, we (interns) got called the most nasty stuff. Yes. We didn't have anything to do with that at all.
- I had "hygiene issues": window to the south with 35-40 degrees (Celsius) feeling temperature and no airco. Deo didn't really make a difference but wasn't allowed to use it there anyways. Details: I have a transpiration issue so I sweat shitloads more than other people, that didn't help at all.
- nearly got fired because I had to to to the doctor in company time for a serious health issue.
- was (no kidding) REQUIRES to use internet explorer and we were monitored constantly.

Self esteem dropped through the fucking ground there.

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    You mean....

    You used to use windows? 😱😱😂
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    @Stuxnet Oh I've used it for years haha. I fucking regret that though xD
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    Such a horrible horrible experience
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    @Stuxnet Soon we'll learn that his former handle was *windowsss".

    "We're not mad, @linuxxx, just disappointed."

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    I know you won't say the company. But I'm sure that makes you appreciate your current employer. Like, damn, that sounds horrible. My first internship was so laid back, it led to them hiring me and I love my job now. My only qualm is I don't like the town and want to live somewhere bigger.
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    Wasn't allowed to use deodorant????? WT actual F???
    Do they think people smell nice naturally or what?
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    @RantSomeWhere nope. The point of an internship is getting someone to work for free or almost for free. Come on. We all know it. If you really want someone to know how it is to work for you you can hire him for a few months and pay the normal taxes.
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    especially number 2. They reacted the oposite of what the should have. Just like people who blame the rape victim.
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    Wow that is an insane story. I am glad I have never worked for a company even remotely as close to this. Ofc I am the type of guy that will walk out in heartbeat over very minor stuff, like my coffee not being premium. So probably why I never experienced this.
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    Insane! You must be such a strong and patient person after surviving this
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    I feel much better just hearing that. I'm still junior and having troubles and feeling like the most useless shit.
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    @Stuxnet you must know sorrow to know joy
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    @jeeper In his case he did it backwards and went from joy to sorrow lol
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    Such bad experience 😐😑
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