Yep. I worked at a place where my director and manager were true mysogynists. One day the director walks behind one of my subordinates and knees her in the back of the knees to make her fall back so that he can catch her. He does this in front the whole office. I told her that I had her back if she chose to complain. We went to our CO and laid everything out, and he was forced to take action. I was pulled aside and told that I would ruin my career if I went durn this path. I told them that it was more important to me to do the right thing. The director was forced to resign, the manager was reassigned to another location, and yes, my career suffered, especially in the area of promotion. But you know what? I'd do it again, because it was the right thing to do.

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    Good for you. I am glad people still have morals out there. It is a constant uphill battle for women to push back against a society that was built on power and sex. I am very conscious of how males act towards females and it quite perplexing that many think it is ok. I also have seen the other side, where women use their sexuality to get what they want, although usually by not sleeping with a guy, they just flirt and make innuendos and play the long game that does give almost a free pass to the guys that use their position and influence to propagate sexual favors. Sad world we live in. I think there is a lot of work with both genders. Women who allow it to happen to them are pretty well encouraging these guys to continue. Needs to be nipped in bud quickly. Society and people are a complex system which there never is a good way to approach this. I mean biology generally wins out over sense. I would like to think we can evolve to a point where we can have mutual respect.
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    you're my hero
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    Well done! What an idiot
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    Thanks for sharing, and well done! Not many people would dare to help someone else if they experience what you did. You must be a reliable co-worker.
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    I'm lucky I never passed by similar people, this sucks and great job you did there :)
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    Well done. Maybe you can change your workplace? If right behavior is penalized the company is shit! At least here in Germany this kind of thread would never work on me, because I could change to a new place in literally hours.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon I'm not with them anymore. We parted ways in 2000 after twenty years. It was a government agency, so change is slow. I now work at one of the most fantastic places with an incredible culture, going on fifteen years.
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    @iAmNaN nice to hear 😁
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    You sir are my hero.
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    #respect :)
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    Damn I read that as mysqologists. Go to sleep man, go to sleep.
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    Wow, there is hope after all. Thank you for this
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    Nice job man!
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