I spent the whole day on git conflicts, I know it happens sometimes. But I do feel like a slow programmer, the boss even said so by comparing me to someone who has 15 years experience by saying I produce less lines of code than than him ( I have 5 years of experience).

So everyday, I have this nagging thoughts; "you are too slow, you can't even program, what are you doing, do something else this isn't for you etc" .

And then when I solve the problem "You are the best, you know everything etc"

A constant battle between self-destructive and positive thoughts.

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    My my, a whole day 😁 my bro spent 4 days solving conflicts of a single merge 😁
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    Your boss is an idiot. Not only because he tries to pressure you by comparing you to others instead of discussing YOUR goals with you alone.
    But also because of the most useless metric ever: Lines of code written. "If we wish to count lines of code, we should not regard them as 'lines produced' but as 'lines spent'" - Dijkstra
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    You live in a bipolar state where one moment you're a genius and the very next one an idiot? Welcome to the fold. We should start a club. The Schroedinger's devs.
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    I remember when I was learning, one of my lecturer's motto was "we are not paid by the character".

    I think this is appropriate in this situation. "lines of code produced does not give you experience". Maybe you achieved the same as he would have but in less lines and in a cleaner way.
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    Bruh. A few weeks ago I had to merge master into a new-feature branch on an 11mb project. By day 3 I realized there's a reason I do not own guns.
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    Also your boss is an ass. Don't evaluate yourself by how many lines you write. You'll feel like you have to write garbage code to get respect. It's one thing if you haven't written code all week, but it's been studied that the avg number of lines of code written by a developer is 7 lines per day which sounds about right to me because most of the time my changes are wrong and I have to undo them and etc.
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    I'm feeling exact the same today. I spent 9h today on a issue, thought I came up with a good solution, and in the end, just to found out it was totally crap and useless.

    It makes me ashamed sometimes, thinking I'm not good enough to work in tech, even though I have been doing it for 9 years.

    It sucks. Be strong.
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    I really appreciate the advice and experience shared! One of the reasons why I love devrant!
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    @colaguy such a wholesome corner of the internet for an app founded on complaining
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    All the solutions of our "fast programmers" in the past turned out to be not future proof and had to be rewritten rather than extended.

    Maybe you're just thinking ahead.
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