People in companies who make bad git commit messages beacuse they do not care... Hey, "change 1", "update" makes so much sense. And companies who do not care to have some guidelines.

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    - feature x and it's dependencies
    - oops forgot y
    - left debug in c and d
    - my bad, broke z
    - fix for z
    - another fix for z
    - why won't z work
    - debug for z
    - found issue with z, removed debug
    - fix for z
    - oh fuck me I broke c some how
    - oh database file missing for c
    - yay it works
    - nope, it works now
    - oh man I git up
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    I have seen “bug fix”, yeah.
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    Someone got tips how to write best commit messages ? Sometimes I have to think longer time thinking about one than writing code..
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    I have seen “bug fix reported by x person”
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