Finding a good Linux distro part 2:

Installed Deepin OS, was impressed, was happy. Found out Deepin repos are older than dinosaurs. Tried to setup Ubuntu repos. Restarted. Nothing. OK...

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    I think I am gonna stick to Unity or Plasma again.
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    @lamka02sk Careful now, plasma and unity are desktop environments not distros. Don't want a lynch mob coming for you.

    In this case is recommend kubuntu maybe? Or elementary OS if you like the MacOS vibe.

    Depending on your stack maybe a flavour of manjaro might suit if you want to be on the bleeding edge? Though being what sounds like a more Debian focused person that might not work.
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    @lamka02sk more simply, just install the Deepin Desktop Environment on Ubuntu. Seems straight forward enough
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    @BashouT Yes, sorry. Today was not a good day. Everything what could go wrong, went wrong. I am very exhausted.
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    @lamka02sk don't worry about it, couldn't tell if you weren't sure or just an honest mistake. Good luck setting up your environment how you'd like. Hopefully I've given you some alleys to explore.

    Tomorrow or a coming day will be better!
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    @BashouT I second this, use Deepin as a DE over Ubuntu or Arch or something, works very well.
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    Debian, my dear Debian
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    @KushagraKarira ye, add Cinnamon and you are ready to bake.
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    I still believe kubuntu is the best distro
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