Once got into a corporate company, worst 3 weeks of my life. It was so depressing and the code was ugly and the people were like robots all doing overtime and coming on weekends. To top all that they were offering me 900 USD a month which is 1,100 USD less than what the same position i was in paid for in the competitor company.

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    Under 12 k a year? What the fuck?
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    Even then, 2k USD a month is still a joke, assuming this is for a developer/QA position.
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    In my country the average pay is 700-900 USD a month. I am paid 2k+ USD now and for a 22 year old im considered really well off. So yeah the entire country here is a joke
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    Feeling overpaid at 5500eur/monthly (before taxes)
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    @jespersh we dont have taxes ! But we do lack electricity so we pay a ton on generators and fuel, same for water and gas. Also real estate is ridiculously expensive compared to our income ( half a million USD for the average apartment) public schools here are dangerous so if you dont want your son to be raised with dogs you need to resort to private schools. There is only one public university which only treats people with connections to politicians well. Others are all private averaging 15k USD a year. Again remember that the average starting salary is 700-900 USD oh and everything imported gets the price doubled including cars. Literally doubled. Please have ur country adopt me :)
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    @AymanH take our 150% car tax
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    @jespersh i think the only sensible thing to do is for devrant to pitch in, buy a big island so we can all live in a logical community that doesnt live off by leeching of us devs
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    @AymanH not sure what's worse, woman Island or Dev island
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    Devrant island
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