StackOverflow developer survey is out.

Python is now ranked 2nd as the most loved programming language behind Rust.... wait, what? Rust!?!?!


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    See, that is subjective. The TIOBE index just listed Java, C, C++, and Python as the top four most pooular, in that order. Most popular for what, though? Seeking help?
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    One thing I vividly remember from a statistics course I went through college is a sentence our teacher told us.

    "1st rule of statistics: Statistics lie."

    The people making those statistics can arrange the data so it shows the results they want to show.

    People have been pushing for rust very desperately ever since its inception. It's just sad at this point.
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    So... People active on StackOverflow are very fond of Rust and Python.
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    C in 20% not bad at all.
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    @nitnip is rust overhyped? have you used it?
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