There are lots of Angular and React jobs here in my area. Very few Vue jobs here (like 1 to 5 maximum job posts I have seen). I'm a PHP dev and it seems most companies are shifting to full stack JS development (MERN, MEAN, NodeJS + Express JS, etc.) along with some mobile development (ionic, cordova, etc)

I have no choice but to study both Angular and React. Supply and demand.

But between Angular and React, I prefer Angular.

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    @ganjaman thanks but I mean local work/job openings and not freelance jobs found in vuejobs.com
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    I made a comparison between Angular and React some time ago. I think that Angular is better for large projects. So I recommend you to first learn Angular. (And React maybe later if there is a need)
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    @Sumafu thanks mate. Yes Angular. It is better for large projects. I also like the structure and lots of available plugins.

    I don't like React's JSX 😝
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    @Devnergy I don’t like JSX to, because it is no HTML. You cannot add custom Attributes as you want, so for many use cases it is just not usable.
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    Its both shit. Just spare your time and study something usefull rayher then one specific framework.
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