And I was wondering why the progress bar doesn't work

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    Huh? What's wrong?
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    what progress bar?
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    I don't get it
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    So CPU can boost upt to 4GHz
    has 8MB cache,
    64bit OS cool

    8GB + Windows + Development = progressbar for sure not going to move (aka: freeze a lot?) :\
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    @gitpush I dev at home on windows with an AMD A6 and 8GB Ram.

    Some days I cry but it works 😅
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    @C0D4 I used to cry a lot when I had 8GB RAM, upgraded to 16GB and now cry a little, moved my stuff to Linux VM, now I don't cry at all! even though that VM has 8GB only, it just works lol
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    @gitpush I would go to 16, but this old girl (7 years old and all) maxes out at 8 - it came with 4 so you know 😕

    I'm looking at a decent gaming laptop later this year to replace this one, so I'll be living the high life after that.
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    @C0D4 In this case get at least 32GB RAM, 16GB are enough but in some cases I need more, for example wanting to run a Linux server machine on my laptop, even though it can run on 512MB with no trouble, but Windows starts getting crazy :\
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    @gitpush 32 GB RAM and 6GB GPU are on my essentials list, and then the i7 that comes with at the time.
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    Normal specs, except frequency.
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