If you are using the debugger you probably don't understand the code

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    - "If you're using an IDE you probably don't know how to code"

    - "If you're looking for help on the Internet you probably don't know how to code"

    - etc.

    Someone should make a "edgy sentence generator" like this.
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    Stop making stupid reasons to not use debugger. It’s more reliable than your own brain.
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    This is one of these sentences that sounds controversial, but is just common sense.

    Yes, if I'm debugging my code, it's doing something I don't expect, therefore I obviously don't understand it. The purpose of the debugging process is to provide enlightenment, so I may realise my stupidity and then continue on my merry way.
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    I have some bad news for you. You do not understand the code. Because not all code is available.
    E.g.: you might want to check the value of an input variable coming from a third party service without having to recompile to log it. You do not have the code of the service so you do jot understand it.
    And even if you understand the code then there is reflection, virtual functions, runnables, packaged code, remote services, segfaults...

    You know what? I don't know how often I lost sleep over programs outputting only "segfault" no way to understand where they do that because logs were not available. It's not nice but in such a situation you debug or you die.
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    @Jilano too much I think, also it’s not a bad thing to use it or not to understand the code
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs it’s not about not using it, debuggers are one of the best things we have, also it’s not a crime not to understand a code
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    @AlmondSauce I find funny how lot of people miss understood my post :) debuggers are cool, people are cool. Understanding that we are just people is also great
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    You shouldn't use debuggers preferably, you should read and understand the code. Debuggers are OK as last resort, not as first means.
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    Reeks oversimplification and elitism.
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    If you don't have to use a debugger you probably code just another Todo app...
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