The only problem is that such part of the city does not exist :D

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    Damn bruh why is it so cold?

    It's like 21 everyday here 👌🏻
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    Currently we have what? Prague 1-22? In couple decades/century who knows, Praha 69 will probably exist.. Maybe your phone/pc is from the future? 🤔

    Or its just kinky developer doing some testing on production 😅
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    @myss Genuinely hope it's option 2
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    @Stuxnet you think 21 is hot? XDD

    If it's cold here it will be 25
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    @lazyDev don't recall saying 21 is hot.

    It'll hit 32 and feel like 38 a lot during June/July.

    But 11 in April is not cool lol
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    @Stuxnet Currently it's 4°C, still quite warm if you ask me :D
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    What's the real location then?
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