The company I work in recently made a subdomain where you need to figure out how to hack the page using a vulnerability they subtly put there. If u are successful u get an interview. I looked it over for fun and was able to do it. But since i already work there i was thinking of telling a friend id love to join us but was rejected a month ago when they interviewed him about how i did it so he can apply maybe they give him another chance. do you think I should do that?

Note that i referred him last month and hes a fresh grad with not much experience

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    No, let him figure out the vulnerability.

    On the other hand, you could exploit it beyond their expectations to play a joke on them
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    Do you know he can cut it tho? If he can meet the expectations, help him out and give him a nuge - teach him instead of "here - filled this out for ya, good luck figuring it out".

    At the same time, I hope it's not something like 'webroot is chmodded to 777 and PHP has full reign over the system'.
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    You could tell him that there is one, but now what it is
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    @theKarlisK i think hed require a lot of teaching but hes smart :/

    And no its an xss vulnerability
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