Why doesn't bash for Windows support Scroll Lock? Were it's developers too young to remember what that button is for?

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    I guess it's for the same reason nobody supports internet explorer anymore - poor usage.
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    @nitwhiz Well, we do. %18 of Australians still use Internet Explorer. I guess you can't expect more of a nation who picks climate change deniers to its parliament.

    That being said, Scroll Lock is not working. Has never worked in Windows. I thought those who designed the Linux Subsystems for Windows were better than this... Apparently not.

    You could always lock kernel messages during BSD startup. Or lock scroll when tailing and go back... It's a pain in bash these days
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    Scroll lock does work fine for me. I rarely use it but Ive never had issues with it
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    @Codex404 On bash in Windows 10? Locks the screen and prevents scrolling? You're kidding.....
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    @FuckJava havent tried it in bash for windows. But you also said it doesnt work in windows..
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    @Codex404 that was the whole point of my rant... bash for Windows not supporting scroll lock
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    I'm assuming bash uses the terminal control API since it just runs in CMD.

    That API doesn't give control over the scrollbar, unfortunately. And bash probably absorbs the scroll lock key press event, so CMD.exe doesn't handle it anymore.

    It's a poor Windows API (go fucking figure), not an oversight in design.

    Well, at least that's my guess. Not about to trudge through thousands of lines to confirm it.
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