So some people really liked the last article I wrote, so I figured I'd share this one that's kinda on the same topic:


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    Nice article!
    Any tips on where to kickstart a DevOps learning path? I was looking at the DevOps roadmap[0] so far, but I'm not really sure on how helpful it is.

    [0]: https://github.com/kamranahmedse/...
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    @Avyiel Sure I'd love to help! But it'll be a little bit easier if I know where you stand now. Developer moving to DevOps? Student with a future in DevOps? something else?

    Also disclaimer: Even though I'm a huge DevOps enthusiast, I'm merely a student. So my advice is based on personal experience and what I've heard from others.
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    @Avyiel Also do you have experience with some virtualization? maybe docker?
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    @KasperNS same boat as you, actually! Student (with some professional dev experience) looking to become a DevOps engineering
    I know some basic docker, usually from dismantling dockerfiles to build my own
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    @Avyiel Well you've got a great starting point then! :D

    Give me a few minutes, and I'll write up a little github gist with where you can start :)
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    @KasperNS woo! Thanks mate!
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    @Avyiel here you go:


    I know it seems like a lot, and honestly it kinda is. DevOps isn't the kind of thing where you just spend a week learning it and now you're done. Notice how you seldom hear the term 'Junior DevOps Engineer'. For most people it takes years to become a great DevOps Engineer.

    But don't let that stop you! I'm certainly not :D Another thing to note, is that I haven't followed any strict path or anything. I'm completely self-taught, and have stumbled on things here and there, and these are just the things that I've ended up learning along the way.

    If you feel like my write-up is too clunky or something, I agree with a lot of the things on this roadmap:

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    @KasperNS I'll take a proper look over the weekend, but from the quick skim, it appears quite nice. Thanks again, mate!

    EDIT: bookmarked ;)
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    @Avyiel you're very welcome
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