I might have asked this before, but why when I turn on my personal VPN (personal vps) Internet suddenly becomes faster?

Is it because filtering no longer works?

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    You mean Internet as a whole? Or a select few websites
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    asked this before? You can view all previous rants on comments so you should know lol
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    @ScribeOfGoD lol ya but I have lots of rants to go through :S
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    @asgs everything, even download speed reaches its max (210KB/s) when its usually 90KB/s :\
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    @gitpush holy shit, that would be slow even for a developing internet country like Germany.
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    @gitpush closer server when using it than without?
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    @ScribeOfGoD it could be, cuz my vpn is in France while I'm in Lebanon

    @Fast-Nop got used to it lol
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    @gitpush it may depend on the site and content but here's a few speculations:

    - your VPN provider caches certain content so you're actually pulling from a cache. Much faster.

    -your VPNs DNS server is faster than the ISP. This can be easily checked an overcome if that's the case.

    -your ISP is monitoring and decrypting whatever they can. Privacy issues aside, this can cause latency and the traffic not subject to it would be faster.

    -you perceive that it's faster and confirmation bias is real. It may not be significantly faster, or you're remembering the worst of one and the best of another. (If it's an instant speed increase then that's a different story. Disregard this one)

    - Many home routers have a small cache. Even if it throws it out after just a minute, it still speeds up back to back requests. And DNS answers don't generally change that fast, so you may not be resolving the second time.

    -your ISP has rate limiting for certain ports or protocols that VPN isn't subject to.
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    Maybe because FBI can’t live stream your daily routine
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