I like js and node in general.
But there's this thing I hate about NodeJs...

The blogs. The goddamn blogs.

Every goddamn blog post. Is code. Dozens of lines of code.

Oh, so you want X feature? Just copy paste this shit.

I swear to god, blog posts are the source versioning system to these people.

What they should instead is
a) Create a package.
b) Add tests to it.
c) Present the package to the reader with some minimal code.

But I'm a getting a huge impression that node blog writers want you to copy the code in their post, paste it in your project, and be happy with it.

Now, I'm not assuming that every person posting in medium.com is a software engineer (and by engineer I mean an engineer, not some fuckwad who begs for github stars on dev communities).

The problem to me is that they fucking SATURATE the goddamn search results.

The same goes for finding an npm package for your need, because there are so many low quality packages it's saturated too, you have too plow this stinking pile of projects that have very low quality,
and there's not a really good npm finder out there. Half of them are dead, some look and load like shit, and npm search has a low barrier for good code.

Me on rails, OTOH "ok, I need this thing", I google that and I swear to [-∞,+∞] I find GOOD packages, well designed, no cookie cutter bullshit, no obscure marketing shit on the README.md, it is very clear what this shit does, and the api is designed for HUMANS.
and it actually takes very little time to know if there's no such package.

I don't have to read dozens of fucking my-fuck-blog.io (jesus christ, the io domain has become such a fucking joke, it got fucking abused to death, there are some cool sites out there using it, but my god, James H. Marketing likes to just absorb everything he can, and the internet was not going to be a fucking exception)

does all of this make sense?

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    You know what could be an actual good project?
    A google/duckduckgo layer that had a very good criteria for hiding all these shitty low quality blogs.

    Is there such thing?
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    I like node, but I've the urge to wrap so many code blocks into promises or async functions that I doubt Im getting this nodeJS concept right.
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    I think in general the space is compeltely overrun with garbage content created for the sake of ad revenue or promotion. Has anyone been to a Sitepoint page recently? You have to click [x] like 5-6 times just to get all the popups and other garbage off the page. What about CreativeBloq - they have ads running in all the margins and between content paragraphs. It makes me angry just seeing that shut. It blows my mind - how could someone let their site get to that point? Or have you ever tried to look up your symptoms to find some decent remedies - yeah good luck with that because you will land on some forum or q/a type of page where the answers have nothing to do with the link in the search results and the site is impossible to navigate. Instagram is littered with sponsored posts and narcissism... People take advantage of SEO while search engines prioritize recent content over quality content. Yeah, it's all completely fucked.
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    @konzeptraum agree, sitepoint is the WORST!
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