Hi everyone! Sam here, @dfox's gf :) so happy to be talking to you all! Today I will be live-ranting TNW Conference where devRant will be presenting with photos in this thread. Pictured here, @dfox and @trogus setting up our booth. There will also be a stage presentation, a sticker printer on site (because how could we not :)), and energy drink/stress ball giveaway. Stop by and say hi if you're here!!

Go devRant team!

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    Nice, have fun :)
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    Awesome! Thanks for the update. Good to see the team in action. Cheers!
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    Set up in front of a big warning screen. 😄
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    Finally someone who can answer "what does d fox say"
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    was this somehow a warning to all the woman devs here that dfox is taken :P just asking...
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    @helloworld warning: stray flying stress balls :D
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    @thmnmlst beginning to learn :) @dfox is helping me with questions.
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    Stress ball game strong :))
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    Dfox has a girlfriend!!! 😱
    I thought we were in this together... Like brothers in code... Damn
    😢 :/
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    @devJoe it could be his imaginary gf 😄
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    @devJoe @helloworld you caught me, I am invisible :O
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    Commenting so I can find this later. This is cool!
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    Custom avatar sticker printer. Brand new at this conference, hoping to roll it out to other conferences in the future. Make your avatar and wear it around as a sticker!
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    Good job @trogus. The panel questions were pretty tough but Tim fielded them like the chill, poised guy he is. Morning rush down, afternoon to go (moooor coffee plz O_O)
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    @thmnmlst ahh sorry we didn't stream it this time :( so sorry if I made it seem like we would!
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    @samster I don't know what's going on but I hope it'll be online so I can catch up after work!
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    This is so awesome. Unfortuantely I'm nowhere near there. Shit... good luck attracting more people!
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    @Hevlastka just a bunch of pictures from today. Thanks everyone so far for following, the support means a lot to us!
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    @thmnmlst ohh I see what you mean, the keynotes? We're not leveled up enough for that stage/live stream :P I think we find out around 2pm (est) if we're one of the choice few to advance, and then you'll see us :) competition is tough though, fingers crossed...
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    @thmnmlst great content is not apreciated at it's maxium and most of the times not most people enjoy it and find it out. But bad, stupid content but popular appears because...
    In human nature if you appreciate something you keep it for yourself and share it with friends, who might like it or not. And those friends who like it might share it or not... and our chances of popularity decrease.
    But if it's stupid content you share with everybody and everybody with everybody because they're reaction is "Look at that stupid chump. Hahahahaha.... I must show them!". And a quick meaningless laugh makes you share the content you saw more compared to a hart warming feeling of a great place you found.
    You might wonder, why do people keep stuff to themselves?
    Because if they shared with everybody the stupid people will come and destroy their precious place or object. It's in human nature. It's so sad. We were made on the opposite of what we need. Now it's in our hands to be better than them.
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    @thmnmlst oh correction: 3:45. It's only the top 3 though so it's a long shot :/

    @SweetHuman well said, I like our amazing supportive community here :)
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    Rant slideshow
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    @thmnmlst sorry to hear that, if they go on stage I will definitely record and link it here for anyone who can't watch the live stream. Good luck on your exam!
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    @shwrndasink You're on TV!
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    @thmnmlst i want to see them talk too!!!
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    That devrant energy drink though. I need 😍
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    @samster you missed out on a gem not calling yourself 'dvixen'
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    Devrant energy drinks? Fuck off! That's so cool
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    It's probably not remotely close to where I live but good luck and have fun! Greetings from The Netherlands :).
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    So sadly we did not make it on stage (congrats to those three companies that did though! Competition was tough, was really impressed with all the startups). It was an awesome, fun day though - my first tech conference :) And I really enjoyed spreading the word about devRant and telling everyone about what a fun, supportive, friendly community we have.

    Anyway enough from me, here's a link to a short clip of Tim and David. It was really the least we could do to thank you guys for all your kind words and jokes throughout the day. We loved reading them and I hope this thread was fun for you too.

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    @code haha that is great.
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    Hey everyone! We wanted to thank you all for the awesome support and the interest in following our Momentum journey :) It was a fun conference, and we hope to do more in the future and more events with larger amounts of devRant users. We know that would be a lot of fun and we love hanging out with the community IRL so we're trying to make that happen!
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    Have fun with your stressball
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    @dfox is a great programmer but not a mechanical engineer 🤓
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    @DarkMukke hahaha I am up to my eyeballs in stressballs.

    Literally they are taking over the apartment :O

    Jk but it is sometimes very upsetting to trip over one.
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    @samster i meant that i gave this rant a ++ when it was at 299 :p
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