I saw an article about being able to set your phone to silent with your Google Home device. "Wow that's cool. Hey Google! Set my phone to silent."

Forgets about it.

This morning I noticed I was getting messages on Snapchat, but not getting any notifications.

"Snapchat is a piece of fucking garbage." (Still a true statement lol)

Half an hour later, I remember I set DND on and never turned it off.

Just here to say that I am a fucking moron.

I'm Stux and thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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    But the icons on the status bar 😑
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    @irene I've hidden it along with many of them lol.

    Only icons on my status bar are: phone call one, vibrate, wifi, data, location and battery.
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    @Stuxnet that is not a wise idea to hide the DND icon
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    @irene I never ever use DND, so that's why I hid it
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    @Stuxnet why hide something that doesn't even show? 🤔
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    @irene idk man, idk lol
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    @M1sf3t how TF can you lose your phone in your own house?
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    @M1sf3t my mother does that every day too. I almost never even asking myself "where is my phone?" I usually just know exactly where it is.
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    Only thing snapchat was ever good for was lewds.

    My coworker snapped pictures of my ass hanging out one time and sent them to her friends.

    Somewhere, those pics are still floating around on the internet.
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