all video streaming fucker companies have found a new way to promote shitty lies!
Hotstar: "try Hotstar! Rs199/month! first 7days free!"
Amazon prime : "try amazon prime! Rs 129/month! first 30 days free!"

those small numbers are fuckin lies. they have only 2 or 3 supported banks and if yours isn't one of them, then you have no option but to buy their full 365 days non refundable subscription of a larger amount, which strangely accepts *all payment bank cards*

liars. liar liar liars!

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    Those aren't small amounts at all. 150 bucks for a video streaming is a fucking lot!
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    @irene less than 3 USD
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    In the meanwhile, I pay €50/y for Prime.. Wha'TactualF?
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    @electrineer oh... It's not in USD. 🤦
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    There not lying, you just don't qualify for the monthly rates. You chose the wrong bank 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 Yes its lying. i have seen ads saying "get started at just rs 199/month" on youtube videos. and they are accepting cards from only 3 private banks! in India we more than a 100 bank companies.
    it looks like they have got those banks as sponsors for this budget plan.
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    @TitanLannister well how is it lying though If they are able to provide the monthly payments with even 1 bank they would still be able to say they can offer that.

    Don't mistake misleading as lying here.
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    Sadly you don't have to declare all conditions in an ad. Ads should be illegal.
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    @electrineer Misleading ads should be investigated. False ads should incur punishment.
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