I am always shocked how many people at work are not able to use Google efficently. No matter if experienced developers or graduates. They are not able to limit search results to a certain period of time, search in certain pages, for certain file types and so on. EVERY FUCKING search result gets clicked, although you can already see in the preview that it's absolute crap and not relevant at all. I could cry sometimes and the worst part is, that many of them don't want any help or suggestions.

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    Yes. Developers too.
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    Alright so I have a friend who doesn't know how to limit searches to certain periods of time so uhh I was wondering if you could tell me him how to do that...
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    @ihatecomputers You really should keep your searches between lunchtime..dinnertime

    Anything else is working too much 😉
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    @ihatecomputers there is a button search tools, tell your friend to click it for a second menu with dropdowns for time and more
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    In case people don't know what @thoxx is talking about: https://ahrefs.com/blog/...
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    That's a great overview!
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    Dont know a whole lot about advanced google searching but type:pdf has been good enough for me to grab plenty of copyrighted documents
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    I think knowing how to google shit has increased my perceived IQ by at least 30 points.
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    Im not a master at googling but i know basics. Keywords only + some special symbols to filter shit. Even with that basic knowlege i look like a god for people who ask a question in google like it was a real person...
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