Just awhile ago was my first time being interviewed by a different nationality (unexpectedly) and I felt I was fucking cringey!!! I wasn't ready at all. I could barely express anything! If only I could speak English like a native. 😫

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    devRant definitely helps. When I got in a heated argument with my English speaking PM, I could rant just as fluently in English as in my native language. However, I choose not to mention the devRant cactus. :-)
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    I just realized I unintentionally included the "question" tag. Too bad I couldn't remove it from my post anymore.
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    Imo that depends a ton on the flow or the context in which the conversation drifts off.

    If a conversation stays within my vocabulary limits for the most part I am pretty comfortable talking a moderate speed.

    However if the terms get very specific or I just lack key vocabulary I have to make big weird swings to explain around it.
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    For what it's worth, it's rare that I see anyone posting on here whose English is so far off that I suspect them of being non-native. Been quite pleasantly surprised many times upon learning particular users are native speakers of German, Russian, and a range of other languages on top of their English skills.
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    @Kaji english speakers dont need to learn other languages in their day to day live. In most of europe English is taught from age 11, and sometimes even sooner.

    In the Netherlands politics are having discussions about the universities, they think that in about 5 years non of the dutch universities will be teaching in dutch.
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    All fun and games until you spend years speaking English and forget half your native language

    Source: me
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    @ganjaman Woah, I never really thought I'd come to that situation. Which among your native speaking, writing and comprehending skills waned?
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    I went to a private hi school, most of the classes were in english (others were german, french and japanese) and i spoke english with my mom and the hotel guests (long story) at home so hungarian was minimal.

    Now when i try 2 speak hun, half the words dont come to me and just end up replacing them with "{{english counterpart}} sorry ionno it in hun", its really frustrating. Also i read reeeeeaaally slow in hun now.
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