Do you ever wonder if you got promoted to senior developer too early? I keep making stupid mistakes that get picked up by more junior developers at code review I need to up my game

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    I’m in the same position as you. I guess if we’re getting paid handsomely and our motivation to improve is still present, I suppose there’s nothing to feel bad about?
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    Yes. Every day. Well, senior DBA. I'm constantly questioning my own abilities. And yet, for some reason, people like me and think I'm great. I just wish I did. Imposter syndrome sucks the life out of success.
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    @iAmNaN Aye...
    I'm not a master, so I'm a newbie. That's how I feel. And it's terrible.
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    Here we can find my many rants complaining about shit seniors who is dumber then the juniors

    But reality is

    A person can learn anything but can't learn everything.

    I think there is one ability that ever senior should have "problem solving".

    When all your junior stuck at something, a senior must get them out of the situation. If we can't do that then we are not worthy of the position

    (I'm Also a earlier senior developer just graduate in 2017, everyone is older then me in my team and people around me call troubleshooter because that's what is my job, i think that's what a senior must do)
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    “A person can learn anything but can’t learn everything” - @ashwiniviolet

    These words are amazing!
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    Yes, but I am the sole developer on my team so i get the blessing/curse of noone to review my code.

    I'd pay to have someone review my code once in a while, even a junior...

    The imposter syndrome, it eats at my soul.
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    I graduated in 2008. My core tasks are C/C++ and Perl programming.

    My first "Hello World" in C compiled and ran in 1990. And in C++ in 1996.

    Still, when solving new problems, I make mistakes.
    That's part of the continuous learning process our job as software developers is made off.

    The main difference in being a "Senior" developer is the the scale of the severity of my mistakes. 😉

    Being a "Senior" doesn't mean you know everything. It means you have the experience and knowledge to know where to look for answers when you get stuck.

    Currently I have to create a whole new software suite to run our services, which are Linux console programs and scripts, in AWS as Web Apps.
    ... Never felt as close to being a student again...
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    @tenCharacters well if you are just sole developer why you reviewing your code?? If it's working good then i think it's okay, isn't? 🤔

    As i think, Code review is more important in teams.. So everyone can work in a particular track..
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    @ashwiniviolet Not entirely. I regularly ask coworkers to break my stuff, and do so for them.

    We... ahh... tend to develop a certain blindness when it comes to our own code...

    @tenCharacters The best thing you can do is to schedule reviews two weeks later.
    When you review code you haven't worked on for two weeks, it is still your code, but the time may have given you the distance needed to spot issues you were blind for before...
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    Perfectionist hell, keep at it, it's great!
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    @Yamakuzure Thats a good idea. I'll have to see how I can add that to my workflow.
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