I'm been hacking together software for the last year or so now and I've never considered myself to be a good programmer.

Today however I had to implement an A* search from scratch and with only the knowledge of how the algorithm should function I put together some code that looked correct.

I went to run my code expecting one of the typical "Index out of bound", "null reference", "something has not be initialised" BUT I was shocked to find that the code worked flawlessly.

I went into a weird state of shock and disbelief. I'm not naturally gifted at this stuff, so it was just really hard for me to accept that I might actually be getting better to the point where I might be able to say "I am a programmer"

Does anyone else get bad imposter syndrome?

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    I do. But fighting it :)
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    I write C for embedded systems. *Every* time the boss tell me "The CEO wants this feature implemented, can you do it?" I answer yes. Then I cry a little inside, having no idea how to implement the request. Then I unfold the software tasks, states, conditions and triggers in my head. I write some diagrams. I write down all corner case, sorted in order of what must be taken into account in the design phase and what in the polishing phase. Then I do it.
    Nike got it right. Just fucking do it.
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    Good job ☺️

    A little doubt about your skills is healthy. You don't want to be the guy who "knows everything", because they don't exist anywhere but inside their own heads.
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    Every day I feel more and more like an imposter.
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    The more I learn, the more I realise I don't know. πŸ˜–
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    I don't feel like I understand any of this shit, but the other devs don't egg my car so I have started to just act like I know what I am doing...
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