I cannot take this shit seriously.

I don't feel like reading the rest of it

Title: fuck typescript
1st line: well, actually I love typescript

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    To be fair they don't say the hate TS. They only state that they don't like to use it with React.
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    @ScriptCoded technically true, but

    i find these sentences kind of contradicting:
    "I love x technology" after saying something so bonkers like "DON'T use it with one of the most importants frameworks of today".

    I might not love it should that be true.

    The title by itself is also a little on the clickbait spectrum to me, it could have been phrased like "should you use typescript with react?"

    And wether he loves ts or not is totally irrelevant, I can't take a post that starts with that seriously, it seems as if it was written for a friend.
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    Honestly I don't take seriously more than half of the articles on Medium...
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    @dmonkey me either but dammit if google doesn't like recommending these... I wished I had a better google
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    @erandria Google can only recommend what people seem to be choosing.

    So what we need to wish is we had a better bunch of developers
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    Unoriginal clickbait. pass.
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    Link please! 😛
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    >don't get me wrong
    >gets him wrong
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    AUTHOR uses SYMPATHY with reader
    It's not very effective...
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    Proptypes are wank though
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    Why I dont use use an electric bicycle.
    Dont get me wrong, I do like electric bikes but they are more expensive needs daily charge and are more likely to get stolen. That is why I use my classic city bike.


    All Im saying here is that while electric bikes are really nice, they do have some disadvantages. Depending on the goal these disadvantages might not outweigh the advantages, but for the thing Im using it for at the moment that is not the case.
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