Up until last year I was pre-med. I graduated college with a bachelors in Biology. Took my MCAT, prepped my med school applications for submission, and then realized I didn’t wanna pursue this pseudo-dream I had for so long. I realized the reality of the sacrifice and the lifestyle I was gonna make and began to regret not studying what I truly liked to be doing on my off time which is computers and programming. Long story short, here I am back in school getting a degree in CS, and can whole heartily admit, I’m happy doing/learning what I love.

It’s amazing how life works. Never would I have imagined that I’d make a switch like that, but I know it’s the best decision I’ve made so far.

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    I wanted to be an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, but had to learn computers to get myself a job.

    I'm now glad that I made a good decision converting to a Software Engineer
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    Smart move. I did the very same career turn: med -> cs. Except I was already 5 years in med :)
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    @netikras oh wow, nice! How was your transition like? Did you go back to school?
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    @dcperez I needed a few exams [physics and IT] so I only came back to school on exam days. Once that was out of my way -- got myself admitted into a college
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