Serious question here...

I understand alot of devs have had some pretty rough times but things aren't going too flash for me.

I personally know I'm just having a tough patch when it comes to luck but everything is just building up and up to the point it's effecting my personal life and even programming isn't helping...

Normally I will just build something completely random and not related to any 'main' project I have but now everytime I fire up the IDE I just loose all motivation and care for programming...

Just want to know if anyone can sort of recommend anything to just help me get back to working on shit and be sort of myself again and not this mopey me...

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    Is the lack of motivation hitting only when you sit down to your non-main projects, or is it including main as well?

    How do you feel about going to a dev conference?
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    @netikras just constantly lacking motivation

    I'd love to go to a conference but there is nothing even remotely dev related nearby
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    @lxmcf hmm.. Was thinking about burnout, but you have not lost interest in your field [development] yet and apparently you still don't get that hairball-down-your-throat feeling while thinking about it.

    Could it be you're just exhausted? Try a vacation. Some kind of a complete runaway from computers and dev. With physical activities, like climbing, hiking, etc. Usually a disconnected week helps me to get back on the track.

    Loss of motivation is a bad sign. Be very careful about it. The breakdown/complete burnout might be very close.
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    Shooting/archery range.
    Build a musical Tesla coil.

    @netikras is right: a vacation is in order. Two weeks! That's what @Root decrees.
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    @netikras @Root if only a vacation was possible haha, just started a new job so can't really take time off yet .-.
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    Take a break and come back to it :)
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    Maybe try to learn something new and exciting? Completely different language, completely different approach, different IDE.
    My friend has a similar problem just few months ago. He couldn't even force himself to work on anything productive. We started fooling around with Unity and puff, he's much better now.
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    Get a non dev hobby
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    It can also happen if you’re under pressure due to your your main project or work.

    2 weeks vacation always works for me, it takes 1 week to go away from all work related stuff and the other 1 week just to relax.
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    As others said, get a non dev hobby or for a short recharg of your bateries, take a short vacation.
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    Have you been evaluated for depression? I have it and when it starts getting bad I have the same experiences as you. There are basically a couple of types of depression. Situational depression, which would go away if your situation changed (like if you got a raise, moved to a different city or whatever). Then there’s good old fashion depression depression which tricks you into thinking it will go away if your situation changes but when you change your situation you’re still unhappy.

    I have the latter one and I can’t work, speak, code, go to school, watch tv, or pretty much anything else when it’s bad.

    It’s worth it to see a medical professional if you think this may be an issue.
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    @Tawzer I highly doubt it's depression just for reasons I won't bother stating just to avoid triggering people
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