Oh boy, our boss is starting to be a nazi in regards on what to put on our desks. It’s not like I have a sexy anime figurine or a statue of fucking Hitler. I guess it’s time to start looking for a new job.

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    What are you not allowed to have?
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    Boss man doesn’t like our mechanical keyboards and is now forcing us to use those super flat wireless apple keyboards. Oh same goes for the mouse too, we’ll have to use those apple Magic Mouse or whatever it’s called , it’s also flat as fuck and hurts my wrist.
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    @monzrmango I can understand mechanical keyboard ban, since those are noisy and can bother your coworkers. I would certainly complain if someone was using one.
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    @monzrmango "Either pay my keyboard, or my lifelong hospital bills after I fuck up my wrists because of this stupid shit. Your call."
    Good luck finding a new job
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    @arraysstartat1 people can be loud as fuck on membrane too.
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    hmm... sexy anime hitler
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    I would love to work somewhere where i could have sexy anime figures on my desk...
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    How is he otherwise? If he has time to care about those things what about his actual job? 🤔
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    @monzrmango Well I understand the mechanical keyboards, but the Magic Mouse is actually terrible.
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    @arraysstartat1 It depends on which mechanical switches are used and whether the typist types heavily or not.

    The sound most people associate with mechanical keyboards is from the loudest possible switches.
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    Not all mechanical keyboards are noisy guys. And not all membrane keyboards are silent.

    In contrary to your stupid boss, mine welcomed devs bringing their keyboards to work as it was obvious how much more comfortable they looked using them.
    Oh and... RGB!!!
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    @norman70688 The fucking hitler statue. if you know what i mean.
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    If you've already determine to leave you have a golden opportunity to have some fun.

    See how much fucked up shit you can get away with putting on your desk. Preferably, a little more each day, or something different each day. You don't know what theme or topic will trigger him so you have to take the shotgun approach by trying almost everything.

    Act oblivious until he finally throws a shitfit.

    Bask in the glory of making a grown ass man act like an overgrown child.
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