If git was written in english or in ancient greek it made no difference. It's everything counter-intuitive and you have just to learn commands by heart and google the errors. Because nothing makes sense, even if you know how it works and you used it for years

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    Can you give an example?
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    I recommend git kraken
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    Agreed. Git is awesome at what it does but yeah its everything but intuitive.
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    The UI is totally fucked up because they stitched together features and slapped arbitrary commands on it. Even Git's "porcelain" is still plumbing.

    Proper development would have been to design a workflow and only THEN the functionality that implements the workflow.

    Git is a bad example of what can happen when you have only devs in your team.
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    I don't understand what made no sense to you. I'm really looking for examples and usecases that git apparently couldn't be applied for
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    This is a good example of how git is counter-intuitive
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    @StopMotionCuber checkout and dealing with branches are the biggest pains I've suffered, but I've sort of adjusted to such idiosyncrasies
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    I assert that the only way to understand git is to understand the low level store at the heart of it, and then work back upwards.

    The git UI is appalling.
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